Manifest Your Career Workshops

Workshops that will transform your thinking and your career.

Every year I host workshops to help women have a springboard to launch their career growth goals.  My workshops combine logical and traditional thinking with more feminine energy. Such as following your intuition, connecting with your higher self, and feeling more clarity in your career choices.

Manifest Your Vision 

90 min Masterclass 

Jan. 8, 2021, at 11am CST

This is more than your typical vision board workshop. This workshop helps you create a career vision that actually comes to life. No more wishing and hoping, you'll learn how to make a career vision board that works!

Chakras & Your Career

90 min Workshop + 15min Q&A

Jan 15, 2021, at 11am CST

This workshop is an overview of chakras.  And you'll learn how identify where your energy is getting stuck based on your physical symptoms. After this workshop, you'll be able to use your chakras as a way to navigate your career growth.

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When you realize your power, you're unstoppable. 

My name is Dr. Norma Reyes.  I'm a born and raised San Antonian. I'm not a big fan of labels. Probably because I don't want to be boxed in.   I have three kids and I'm married to my Mr. Forever Ever.

In 2019, I completed my PhD. in Adult, Professional, & Community Education. I decided on this degree so that it could complement my Master's degree in Counseling. In 2014, I became licensed as a therapist. I didn't know then the journey I'd take in my career.

After completing my PhD. I went head-on into a Spiritual Journey that has reconnected me to my life's purpose. My goal is to provide hope and inspiration to others. And that my story isn't unique. With the right mindset and tools, you can achieve anything. 

And if you want guidance, I'm here to help. 

-Your Career Mindset Coach

When thinking about your career... Does this sound like you?

👉🏽  "I’m pretty much staying still. I still don’t know 'what I wanna be when I grow up'”

👉🏽 "My salary is crap but we make it just fine for now."

👉🏽 "But idk why I never get callback."

👉🏽 "I would like to change careers but feel it would put me at square one in any other field."

Want to know what's holding you back... It's YOU!

❌ Stop feeling disempowered

❌ Stop limiting yourself

❌ Stop settling for less

❌ Stop giving up on your dreams

Take back your power!

✅ Get clear on your career goals

✅  Set powerful intentions to reach your goals in 2022

✅ Learn tools that will help you keep reaching your goals in all of 2022, not just January.

✅ Empower yourself and leave a legacy for your family

Manifest Your Vision


  • Lifetime access to Masterclass
  • 90 min interactive Masterclass
  • Clarity about your career goals & core values
  • Learn to align your career to your purpose
  • Learn how to create a career vision that manifests into your reality

Workshop Bundle


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  • Lifetime access to Manifest Your Vision Masterclass
  • Lifetime access to Chakras & Your Career Workshop
  • Learn how to align your career with your life purpose
  • Learn about the mind-body connection
  • Bonus: Bullet Journaling 101 webinar (value of $99)  *pre-recorded
  • Bonus: 90-Day Career Growth Guide PDF
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Charkas & Your Career


  • Lifetime access to Workshop
  • 90 min interactive Masterclass + Q&A
  • Chakras 101 overview
  • Learn to align your chakras and your career
  • Learn to identify career blocks based on your chakras
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Refund Policy: Workshop & Masterclass are non-refundable. Lifetime access will be provided to workshops and bonuses.