Learn everything you need to know about developing your newCareer Mindset 

Build a new career plan that is n alignment with your unique moon cycles

Embody the successful and confident Latina you've always known you can be

Overcome Your Career Challenges

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Are you done with feeling stuck or lost on what to do next in your career?

Which of these 👇🏽 apply to you?

  • COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS: Getting sucked in the comparison trap, 🙈 constantly feeling like you’re behind in your career. Causing you to stay in a constant state of worry and stress rather than taking action.
  • NEVER HAVING TIME FOR YOUR CAREER GOALS: Have you found yourself constantly having unexpected life events, that never seem to end? There’s always one more thing you need to do. And another, before you can start planning your next career move.
  •  SELF-DOUBT, NEGATIVE SELF-TALK: Getting paralyzed by the 😬 fear of what others will think.  Leading to more self-doubt about taking action towards your career dreams.
  • IMPOSTER SYNDROME, FEELING LIKE YOU'RE NOT ENOUGH: And only applying to jobs unless you feel you know enough, and have the right skills, or experience for the job. Keeping you stuck in your career field or job, even though you have the degrees and are an expert in your field and could be doing so much more.    

Are these blocks keeping YOU from pursuing YOU career dreams?

Self-awareness is the first step to making a change. First you have to acknowledge, to know there’s a need for a change.

The NEXT for YOU step is to TAKE ACTION.

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It's time you get back in alignment with your career goals. 

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Get back in control of Your Career Success

1:1 Career Coaching the best and most effective way to help you Plan Your Next Career Move

Enroll in Career Coaching that helps you overcome your mindset blocks and career challenges.

By enrolling for 1:1 coaching you get the accountability you need to stay on track.  You’ll be working with an experienced coach that understands your unique struggles. And that can motivate you to overcome your Career  Mindset blocks. 

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Career Coaching that will help you use logic and intuition to guide your Career Planning decisions...

This 12 weeks of 1:1 career coaching program so that you can get results faster.  What I found is that clients lose momentum after the first month if they don’t have structure and accountability.  With my experience, research, and modules, I'll be able to help you identify your mindset blocks challenges. And help you learn the tools to overcome them.

Over the next weeks we'll be dismantling your beliefs and creating your new career mindset. So that you can feel empowered, confident, and ready to take action for your next career move.

Work with a Career Coach that's above the rest...

Unlike other coaches you can find online, I have some amazing credentials that back up my coaching style. I have my masters in Counseling & Guidance, I’m licensed as a therapist for the state of Texas and I have my Phd in Adult, Professional, & Community Education. My dissertation was on the career development of executive Latinas because I wanted to research how Latinas like me were able to be successful. And most recently have become a Certified Moonologer!

I’m here to help you, not only uncover what is holding you back but also empower you to take action towards your career goals. Say BYE-BYE’ to the feeling of being stuck, lost, or confused. So that you can start feeling confident about your next career move.

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Commit to yourself & your career growth. Sign up for Career Mindset Coaching.

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8 weeks of coaching with Four (4) 1:1 Coaching Calls

All sessions will be recorded, and you'll have lifetime access to the modules, workbooks, & recordings.

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8-Weeks of Career Mindset Coaching

with Four 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Learn how to take control of your time so you CAN focus on your career

Discovering your WHY again will help you get more clear on your next career move

Your beliefs are holding you back. But what are they? The first step to overcoming your career blocks is identifying them so you can overcome them.

Build your confidence and become empowered to take inspired action in your career by developing a Career Mindset that supports you

  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome 3-Part Mini Series ($97 value)
  • Bullet Journaling 101 2-hour pre-recorded workshop ($97 value)
  • Improving Communication at work Workshop ($97 value)

So, how much does it cost? 

Let me ask you, how much is your career happiness and alignment worth to you?

If you're not willing to invest in yourself, are you really ready to have the career growth you want?

The stress, health issues, and frustrations of staying at a job that no longer aligns with you is costing you more and more every day, month, and year that you don't take action.  

Here's some costs to think of...

 The Cost of Stress of working a job that drains you

❌ The Cost of Not Being Paid What You Deserve

 The Cost of Not having the professional & personal growth you want

By signing up for my 1:1 Career Mindset Coaching program you'll be able to get to the root problem of your career blocks.

For just $997, you can transform your thinking, your career and your life. 

What’s even more amazing is that you’ll have lifetime access to the content covered plus some amazing bonuses that will ensure your success.

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More About Dr. Norma Reyes

Hi there! My name is Dr. Norma Reyes

I’m a career mindset coach.  What does that mean? I help women identify their mental blocks and limiting beliefs around their career growth and development.

I know what it’s like to hit a wall in your career.  As a high-achiever, you know you can get over it but you’re just tired of constantly hitting a wall in your career growth.

Here’s the thing, that wall you keep hitting will keep happening until you uncover what exactly it is.  This is where your mindset matters. It’s what’s keeping you stuck.  And with my help I can help you uncover what is keeping stagnant I your career. So that you can move forward and manifest the career of your dreams.

I know you can do it without me. The difference in working with me and doing it on your own is five years.  In working with me you’ll get to your results faster, easier, and with less stress.

By coming to working with me 1:1, you’ll finally know what’s keeping you stuck in your growth and what steps you can take today to get the career growth you want.

Are you ready to get started?

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8-Week Career Mindset Coaching

Pricing Options

4 Payments



  • 8 weeks of Career Mindset Coaching
  • Four (4) 50-minute sessions via zoom

  • Bi-weekly check-ins

  • Four workbooks, for each module 

  • Bonuses* See check out for details

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Full Pay


Save $300!

  • 8 weeks of Career Mindset Coaching
  • Four (4) 50-minute sessions via zoom

  • Bi-weekly check-ins

  • Four workbooks, for each module

  • Bonuses* See check out for details

 Save $199 when paid in full!

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Refund Policy: Investing in yourself shouldn’t feel like a risk. And with my 100% Guaranteed Policy, you can feel comforted that you are taking action towards your career without the risk. If you are not absolutely satisfied, you have 30 days from your purchase date or 7 days from first 1:1 session (whichever date comes first) to request a full refund.

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