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Skills to Transform Your Career and Your Life

skills for career development Jul 14, 2021

All of 2018 and 2019, I did research on career development. I did my research specifically with Latinas. I wanted to identify the key skills and strategies successful Latinas used in their careers.

What did I find? That the Planned Happenstance Learning theory was spot on. My assumption was that John Krumboltz had the secret sauce. And that there really are skills we can use to develop in our careers.

Before I go there, let's touch on traditional career development thinking...

  • Linear

  • One Career Choice

  • Degree = Job

  • It's a Man's World

Does that sound familiar?

But in reality, the most important skills and beliefs you need are:

  • Life is Dynamic (always changing/growing)

  • Skills = Job

  • Overcoming Obstacles lead to Success

  • 5 Skills: Curiosity, Optimism, Flexibility, Persistence, & Risk Taking

Where do you find yourself on these? Which list are in alignment with?

Chances are your thinking (when things are heading south) you're on the first list.

All this really means is that your MINDSET is currently misaligned. And once you change your beliefs about how to grow your career, you'll be able to reach your goals.

Krumboltz’s Happenstance Learning Theory states that we need to take advantage of the events that happen in our lives. By doing so we can have more life and career success.

What does this mean? Well if we use the 5 Skills he talks about during our challenges, we can overcome the obstacles we face.

  • Curiosity to  explore new learning opportunities

  • Persistence means to continue to push through despite setbacks

  • Flexibility during unpredictable,  and chance events

  • Optimism means having a positive  attitude when pursuing opportunities

  • Taking risks to reach our career goals; acting in the face of uncertain outcomes

Are you currently using these five skills in your career development? Leave a comment below on which of these 5 you need to grow in.

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References: Mitchell, Levin, & Krumboltz, 1999; Krumboltz, 2009; Krumboltz, 1999

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