Self-Care & Your Career

Sep 13, 2021

Self-care and a Growth mindset, are so important in the progress of your career.

Self-care is important, so we don’t burn out or “lose” ourselves to our job.

And a Growth Mindset is important because it encourages us to keep growing and learning. 

When we are not actively doing these two things, we are not in the FLOW.  

Yes, read that again.  If you aren’t actively working on learning or self-care you are resisting. 

See everything in life is always in motion. Always growing, always moving forward.

The earth is in constant rotation, the moon around the earth.  The rivers flowing and the wind blowing.

When there is resistance (imagine trees in a storm) then there is destruction.  But destruction isn’t always a bad thing.  We perceive it as bad because our minds can’t imagine how it could be good.  But everything is always working for our better good.

Things that fall apart make room for bigger and better things.

So, why are self-care and a growth mindset important?  

Well because when you are prepared for a storm, you don’t self-destruct.  You don’t fall apart.

Instead, you bend and flow with the changes that come. You willingly shed what isn't working for you. Instead of being pushed idnto change. For example, looking for a career or job change, when you no longer feel alive at work versus being laid off or terminated later for not performing as well.

So as I encourage you to continue (or start) a self-care practice. And begin to develop a growth mindset.  You do this by keeping an open mind and always look for ways to learn (especially in your career).

For myself, I am currently in a 20-week self-development program (all about inner healing and manifestation).  

As well as a year-long leadership program.  And the first official session is Strategies to Advance Your Career(I seriously can’t wait to dive and share what I learn.)

I recognize the importance of continuing to learn and grow.

And this weekend will be all about self-care. We are taking a mini-vacation to the beach.

I’ve been saying all summer long that I’ve longed for the beach. And with our schedules, it just hadn’t worked out.

Then last month, I just said okay, we’re doing this.  And tonight, I will scrunch my toes in the sand. And feel the sea breeze on my face.

So I ask you, what are you doing for your self-care and personal growth? 

You can’t have the career you want, by doing the same things you are doing now.

Take time to reflect on what you want and then make a plan!

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