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New Moon in Leo

career planning with the moon moonology Jul 28, 2022

Today at 12:54 CST we are going into the New Moon in Leo phase.  The new moon is a great time to take some time to write down your career goals, intentions, or wishes.

Leo is ruled by the Sun.  Leo is known for: Creative self expression.  Boldly being their authentic self. And three words that describe Leo are: Passionate. Personal.  Performer.

The energies of the New Moon in Leo brings:

  • Show off: A time to celebrate life and show off. The Leo energy is fun and generous. This is a great time to plan a getaway or a short trip.
  • Flirt: Leo energy is flirty, there will be a light feel good energy.
  • Be Creative: too many people neglect their creative spirit. We all have it in us. Whatever creativity means to you, now is the time to get back in touch with this part of you.
  • Love yourself: Pay something forward. Be giving. Open your heart. Work on your confidence and your leadership skills.

If you’re familiar with your birth chart, check to see what house Leo is in your chart and make new moon wishes based on that house. 

What career goals or intentions will you set for yourself during this New Moon in Leo?


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