Full Moon in Cancer & Your Career

full moon rituals Jan 17, 2022

Below is an easy ritual to complete during the full moon in Cancer.

This year our first full moon of the year is in Cancer.  Cancer is a water sign and is naturally a nurturer.  Giving more of itself than anyone ever expects.  This leaves Cancer feeling unappreciated. 

The full moon in Cancer can leave you feeling this way.  It is important that you use this moon energy to recognize what areas of your career and life, that are leaving you feeling unappreciated.  This is a good time to reflect. And give yourself the appreciation you are looking for. 

Aside from the full moon being in Cancer, we are also in Mercury and Venus retrograde. This means that we are wanting to be more introspective. This can leave you feeling drained after work or after meetings that require you to be more extroverted. 

So give yourself and others grace. As the moon's energy is calling us to be introspective and promote self healing. And with healing we can truly grow and blossum.

Here's an easy full moon ritual you can do today. Take out a pen and a journal.

  • Take a moment to sit and silence. Center yourself. If you can do this under the moonlight, do so.
  • Make a list of everything you are releasing this full moon. Especially in regards to your career. This could be releasing negative experiences, feelings of self-doubt, or feelings of being behind.  
  • Then ask yourself: Have I allowed my work life to negatively impact my personal life or vice versa?
  • Close the ritual, with asking yourself what you need to move forward? Reflecting on this will help you move forward. 

Though were only few weeks in to 2022, this year has been a rollercoaster already.  With the energies of the moon, and planets are asking us to be more self-reflective.  

Take this time for self-care and reflection.

A slow down isn’t a bad thing.  A slow down is a reminder to review everything that is working, isn’t working and what all we’ve done. 

Next month we’ll have more positive energies to move us forward towards out goals.

With love and light, Norma Reyes, PhD your Career Mindset Coach

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