EP 65 | Reduce Burnout Subliminal

career affirmaitons subliminal Sep 13, 2022

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EP 65 | Reduce Burnout Subliminal

This is episode is a subliminal  to help you reduce stress, anxiety and burnout. If you're new to subliminals, I dive deep on them in Episode 43 | Rewiring Your Mind for Career Success. I explain what subliminals are and the power of using them to help you overcome your mindset blocks. If you're curious to know what affirmations are in this subliminal the list is below.

  • I am safe, I am safe where I am
  • I am not my past I can succeed now
  • Situations are never all good or bad
  • As I Relax And Slow My Breathing, Anxiety Flows Out  
  • There’s No Obstacle I Can’t Overcome
  • Life is lovely, and I trust the world  
  • I am enough with every breath that I exhale, I release tension
  • Every passing day, I feel more relaxed and calmer
  • Just like before, I’ll survive this situation
  • As I breathe, all body muscles relax
  • My Stress is evaporating from my mind and body
  • All is well with me. I’m strong. I’m ready for change.
  • I know this situation is hard, but I’m determined to rise above it.
  • I got this! I can slow my breathing whenever I feel like I can move beyond anxiety by developing patience
  • I’ll overcome this and any situation
  • I’ll always emerge victorious by paying attention to details
  • I’ll succeed by following one step at a time life wants the best for me I like my life
  • I’m in control I am successful
  • There’s so much pleasure in my life now I can only accept healthy things into my life
  • I’m a strong and independent person I’m unique.
  • I’m loved. I’m important I matter, thus I’m worthy
  • I can do it
  • I’m free to focus on the beauties around me
  • I’m capable of persevering and remaining strong
  • I can overcome anxiety using the inner strengths
  • I’m calm. I’m relaxed. I’m free from anxiety I’ll overcome any stressful situation 

  • Episode 43 | Rewiring Your Mind for Career Success.
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EP 65 | Reduce Burnout Subliminal

Sep 13, 2022

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