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EP 52 | Interview Affirmations Subliminal

affirmations subliminal Jun 07, 2022

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Are you feeling stuck, lost, or confused about what to do next in your career? Then the Manifest Your Career podcast is just right for you.  I'm your host Dr. Norma Reyes, a career mindset coach.  I help successful Latinas who are battling self doubt, self sabotage, and imposter syndrome.  I teach my clients how to combine their intuition, skills, and knowledge so that they can manifest their dream career.  It's time you start listening to your inner wisdom and guidance. Tune in each week to the Manifest Your Career podcast, and learn how to align your mindset to your career goals. Keep listening and together will manifest your dream career.

EP 52 | Interview Affirmations Subliminal

This is episode  52, and it's really like a part two to last week's episode about interviewing because this episode is going to be another subliminal.  You can go back to the previous episode (EP43) where I talk about subliminals. These are affirmations to empower you during your next job interview. 

Here are the affirmations in the subliminal

  1. I am calm and confident, job interviews are easy.
  2. I am an excellent candidate for the job
  3. I love job interviews, they are fun. 
  4. I can relax knowing there is always more jobs available
  5. I am capable of answering questions thoughtfully
  6. My career will continue to evolve and change, as will my goals. This interview is just a step on my path.
  7. I am feeling more relaxed and confident
  8. My goals may be scary, but they are attainable.
  9. Being prepared makes me feel at ease
  10. I am free at each moment to be myself.
  11. This interview is a wonderful opportunity, but not the only opportunity I’ll have ever.
  12. I impress interviewers, I stand out above the rest.
  13. I am smart, confident, and prepared. I have everything I need to succeed.
  14. The universe is looking out for me, and it will protect me no matter what happens.
  15. I am eager to start this new job
  16. I am impressive and charismatic
  17. I always give a great first impression
  18. It feels good to be told I got the job
  19. I love job interviews
  20. Job interviews are easy
  21. I have a lot to contribute
  22. I have excellent communication skills
  23. I am confident and believe in myself
  24. I am grateful for a successful job interview
  25. I will be confident and positive throughout my interview.
  26. Job interviews are easy.
  27. My resume is impressive.
  28. I have the inner power and strength to deal with whatever life brings me. 
  29. I feel safe and secure in every situation.
  30. I am relaxed and calm.
  31. I am confident and friendly.
  32. I truly believe that I deserve the job.
  33. I am a great worker who deserves to get a great job.
  34. I communicate clearly.
  35. I always give a great first impression.
  36. I always smile and speak clearly.
  37. I am intelligent and capable enough to succeed in any endeavor which is important to me. 
  38. My self-worth is based on who I am and not what others think of me.
  39. I will remain calm under pressure
  40. My first impression will be an extremely positive one
  41. I think before I speak
  42. All will be ok
  43. My experiences have prepared me for success.
  44. I take the time to be prepared and it shows
  45. I find it easy to be interviewed for a job.
  46. I am in the driver’s seat of my career.
  47. I will be chosen for the job
  48. I am worthy of success and happiness at work even when I am not perfect.
  49. I am starting to look forward to my job interview.
  50. I am a good person, a worthy person.
  51. I am grateful for this job interview
  52. I am perfect for this position, I am their ideal candidate.
  53. I love job interviews, and my energy is contagious.
  54. My self-worth is a reflection of my divine nature.
  55. I am confident all will be ok
  56. Answering tough questions will be easy for me.
  57. No one is responsible for my reality but me.
  58. I can give a job interview with total confidence.
  59. Great communication comes naturally to me.
  60. I can easily impress any interviewer.
  61. I thrive under intense interview pressure.
  62. My talents and abilities are impressive.
  63. I will give my best possible interview.
  64. Everyone deserves joy and success, including myself.
  65. I am naturally charismatic.
  66. My attitude is professional at all times.
  67. They would be lucky to have me on their team.
  68. I am perfectly qualified for the position.
  69. Everything will be just fine, as it always is
  70. I see myself doing well at job interviews
  71. Getting the job feels great!


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