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EP 40: Navigating Her Career as a First-Gen Professional, interview with Carla Santamaria

podcast Mar 08, 2022

Manifest Your Career Podcast Intro:

Are you feeling stuck, lost, or confused about what to do next in your career? Then the Manifest Your Career podcast is just right for you.  I'm your host Dr. Norma Reyes, a career mindset coach.  I help successful Latinas who are battling self doubt, self sabotage, and imposter syndrome.  I teach my clients how to combine their intuition, skills, and knowledge so that they can manifest their dream career.  It's time you start listening to your inner wisdom and guidance. Tune in each week to the Manifest Your Career podcast, and learn how to align your mindset to your career goals. Keep listening and together will manifest your dream career.

EP 40 | Navigating Her Career as a First-Gen Professional, interview with Carla Santamaria

In this Episode, Carla Santamaria shares her career journey as a first-gen professional. And how it led her to wanting to help other first-gen professionals navigate their career.

Carla is a Miami-raised, Honduran-born immigrant and first-generation professional. She is the founder of The First Gen Coach, a career coaching practice created to address the lack of professional development opportunities tailored to meet the unique needs of first-gen professionals. Carla is a fierce advocate for aligning mindset and purposeful action. She uses this strategy to help her clients reach their dreams.

I could relate so much to her journey and I can't wait till you hear it too.  You'll be inspired to keep going even if you're facing career challenges that seem insurmountable right now. 

Remember that anything is possible.

Take a moment for yourself and listen today. 

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