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EP 03 | The Biggest Thing Holding Women Back

podcast Mar 09, 2021

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Are you feeling stuck, lost, or confused about what to do next in your career? Then the Manifest Your Career podcast is just right for you.  I'm your host Dr. Norma Reyes, a career mindset coach.  I help successful Latinas who are battling self doubt, self sabotage, and imposter syndrome.  I teach my clients how to combine their intuition, skills, and knowledge so that they can manifest their dream career.  It's time you start listening to your inner wisdom and guidance. Tune in each week to the Manifest Your Career podcast, and learn how to align your mindset to your career goals. Keep listening and together will manifest your dream career.

EP 03 | The Biggest Thing Holding Women Back

During this episode of Manifest Your Career I interview Marisella Bodrero; she is a career coach and expert who helps high-achieving mid-level women in tech reposition their experience for leadership roles. 

She is the founder and CEO of Accelerator, which is a 6-month elite program dedicated to helping women ditch imposter syndrome, articulate their value, and attract ideal Management + Director level opportunities. Marisella was a former tech recruiter turned career coach where she specializes in helping corporate women have a seat at the table so they can make a massive impact with their organizations

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