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A Meditation for Career Clarity

meditation Jan 13, 2022

It's the beginning of the year and you might be feeling the urge to make a career change. 

You might even feel both stuck, rushed, and just plain overwhelmed.

The new year brings such great energy but when we are unclear about what we want to do, it can be overwhelming.

Take a breath! 

It's going to be okay. 

Here's an excellent mediation to help you gain some clarity on your next career move. 

So this is if you're feeling stuck or lost on what to do next, which is totally natural. This time is just simply for you to allow yourself to be and get some higher guidance from yourself, angels God, whoever you believe in so that you can get the guidance that you need.

So let's go ahead and get any comfortable position. You can do this sitting or laying down whatever is comfortable for you. And really be present in this moment so that you can receive an accept inner guidance.

Go ahead and start with a nice deep breath in and release.

Close your eyes when you're ready.

And Take another deep breath in.

Pause and release. another deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Now imagine that you have a white light coming from above coming into your crown chakra. This white light is wrapping around you and feeling you with peace, calm and joy.

Take a nice deep breath in.

And really continue to envision this white light coming around you and embrace you embracing you.

Take a nice deep breath in and release.

Continue this breathing or whatever feels comfortable for you.

Now notice that this white light fills the room around you.

Feel the warmth and begin to acknowledge your higher self.

Now give all your worries to your higher self in regards to your career.

Take a nice deep breath in and release.

Now ask your inner wisdom for guidance.

Ask yourself the questions you have on your mind.

"What is next for my career. What is keeping me stuck? I am asking for guidance on what to do next in my career."

Allow yourself to take in the guidance.

Allow yourself to be in this moment knowing that you don't have to be anywhere.

But here present, enjoying the comfort of the white light wrapped around you keeping you safe. 

You might now feel inner peace, you might see signs here something.

And if you don't notice any signs that's okay to our inner guidance comes to us in many forms.

Just allow yourself to be here in this moment.

Continue to focus on your breath.

Take a breath in through your nose. Pause and release.

Continue taking a deep breath in and release.

Thank your inner guides, your higher self, angels, God, the universe, whatever rings true to you. Thank them for your guidance. Thank them for this time. And thank yourself for making time for this.

Go ahead and take a deep breath in. Pause and release.

Take a few more breaths. And now let's go ahead and bring your awareness back into the room back to where you are.

Begin to wiggle your toes. roll your shoulders, stretch your neck if that's comfortable, whatever feels good to you.

Stretch a thing that you need to.

And now let's go ahead and take a moment to journal what message or thoughts come to mind.

Allow yourself to just journal let your pen flow in journal as long as you'd like. 

Below you can listen to this meditation. 



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