Top 10 Episodes of Manifest Your Career

podcast Dec 31, 2021

In March of 2021, I launched the Manifest Your Career podcast. My goal for the podcast was to help women like me see that career paths are not linear. That we create our career journeys however we want.

And the best way to do this is following our intuition, our inner knowing. We know what’s best for us.

So stop listening to all this career advice that just isn’t working for you. Take what you need from professional developments and then make it your own. Add your own flavor.

A big thank you to all my supporters, listeners, and guests. You remind me that my dream has a purpose and that I am following my own path to manifest the career of my dreams.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the podcast, feel free to submit your feedback HERE.


Here are the Top 10 Episodes of Season

  1. EP 02 | Career Affirmations for Job Fulfillment
    • As a follow-up to episode 01, this is a track of career affirmations to help you improve your job fulfillment. Sometimes we can feel discouraged in our career development. Listening to positive affirmations, helps you take back control over your mindset.
  2. EP 03 | The Biggest Thing Holding Women Back
    • During this episode of Manifest Your Career I interview Marisella Bodrero; she is a career coach and expert who helps high-achieving mid-level women in tech reposition their experience for leadership roles.
  3. EP 01 | Your New Career Mindset
    • Do you have a limited mindset? Listen to this episode to find out if you have a limited mindset. Mindset is everything and in this episode, I discuss how having a "work hard" mindset can help limit your career growth. I'll walk you through a quick activity to create your new career mindset.
  4. EP 00 | Intro to Manifest Your Career Podcast & my WHY
    • In this episode, I explain the purpose of my podcast and my why behind starting it. In this podcast, I will teach you how to combine your intuition and logic to manifest the career of your dreams. Throughout my career, I have received plenty of bad advice and I am here to help you sift through the noise and teach you how to create your own career path that is right for you
  5. EP 18 | How Law of Attraction Really Works
    • In this episode, I talk all about Manifesting. And how ACTION is the key to manifesting the career of your dreams.
  6. EP 10 | Looking Past Barriers to Reach Goal after Goal
    • In episode 10, you'll hear how my guest kept reaching her goals despite the barriers she faced.This week's guest is Christine Vega Perez. Christine shares about her career journey as a RN. She reached her career goals and earned 6-Figures by 30. Then she decided to leave it behind. As she shares her story, Christine talks about why she started her blog called Life’s a Risk Management
  7. EP 23 | A Meditation for Career Clarity
    • Today's episode is a meditation to support you in your career journey. If you're feeling stuck or lost in what to do next in your career this is a meditation will help you gain clarity on what to do next for your job. During this meditation allow yourself to be. This will allow your higher self, guides, God, or the Universe to provide you with the inner guidance that you need.
  8. EP 05 | Affirmations for Self Love and Confidence
    • In this episode, you’ll have affirmations that will boost your self-love and confidence. Affirmations help improve our self-talk over time; the more you listen to it the more your mind will begin to embody it and believe it. Remember to give yourself grace and allow yourself to absorb these positive affirmations.
  9. EP 06 | How Trusting Your Intuition can lead to Transformational Growth
    • In this episode, I interview Wendie Veloz, owner of Wellness Grind and Mental Health Public Health Guru. Wendie shares her career story, how she followed her intuition to navigate her career, which led to transformational growth. Wendie was the first in her family to go to college, through her intuition, programs, networking, and mentors have helped her take advantage of opportunities that came to her. Listen to hear how she uses her intuition and what happens when you do!
  10. EP 11 | Affirmations for Success & Healing
    • In episode 11, I discuss the importance of adding affirmations to your day. Affirmations can help start your day with intention. Research has found that 80 % of our thoughts are negative. Listening to affirmations is like a workout for your mind. It helps transform your thinking and your beliefs. ⁣

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